The HECM in Nashville has a flexible monthly mortgage and is versatile retirement tool that can be utilized in many ways. Here are just some of them:

  1. Take control of your monthly expenses and decide the amount you pay on your mortgage monthly.
  2. Update your home.
  3. Maintain a line of credit for an emergency fund.
  4. Pay for health insurance during early retirement years until Medicare eligible at 65.
  5. Pay for your children’s or grandchildren’s college or professional education.
  6. Combine proceeds with sale of one home to buy a new home and have flexible monthly mortgage payments.
  7. Pay for long-term care needs for a spouse.
  8. Fill the gap in your retirement plan caused by lower than expected returns on your assets.
  9. Pay for new social activities.
  10. Provide help to your children for any unexpected emergencies.

Do you have questions? Our Nashville HECM specialist at FirstBank, Chris Brundige would be pleased to assist you with any questions or to help you get started. Please call
(901) 472-1301
or visit us at Reverse Mortgage to calculate your “HECM” reverse mortgage.

*Homeowner is still responsible for paying property taxes, insurance, and property maintenance.


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